1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 23: Going Good
The K&N assembly is alittle high
Minimum metal I could remove from the bonnet to get it back on with the new air filter
Top engine steady bushes break almost instantly (dont use Nolathane use super-pro bushes)

The minis new home :(

I finally installed a K&N filter and assembly. To do this I had to cut a big section out of the bonnet and make tollerance for the filter assembly on the drip rail behind it. The mini was coughing as the secondarys came on, after installing the K&N the transition is perfect and there is so much more power! I would highly recommend it!
The minis had to be moved out doors, however this high quality car cover keeps it totally dry and allows any moisture to perspire.
I almost immediatly destroy the Nolathane (red) bushes that are in the top engine steady. Apparently Superpro (blue) ones need to be press fitted and work perfectly. Im also going to order an aftermarket engine steady that goes onto the thermostat housing when I order my steering drop bracket this week.
I've also fitted stainless steel front towing eyes (from a marine fittings shop)

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