1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 20: Racing
The mini 1100 head unassembled
New valve spring left verses an old one on the right
Cleaned and reground valve seats

Descovering at the 988 is 40 thou oversized (1040cc)
Mini at grassakana
I destroyed my good grill during an act of frustration

The grass was super slipperly, but the mini was at home
My babies, 11 years in between and totally different technologies
Racetech 4000 seat a Sabelt 4/5 point harness

Seat and brake bias/proporting valve
Wildcat deep dish steering wheel (not produced any more and I found one luckly)

This week I found out you cant replace a BMC A series valve spring without taking the head off (I tried!) unlike an modern conventional engine. Doing this though I descovered that the pistons and valves were covered in crud. This is caused by using valvemaster (a known problem) thus Ill be swapping to Moreys Upper Cylinder Lube. After cleaning the pistons I found they were 40 thou oversized making the 998 in actual fact 1040. Proof that someone had taken care of this car sometime in the past. After replacing the valve springs and re-assembling the whole engine, it still valve bounced at 5200 rpm. Ohh well at least I know all the head components are fresh.
In an attempt to fix the rear wheel problem (they were locking up before the front) I installed a Willwood proporting valve. Even with it fully restricting the rear line I still had the same problem. I managed to purchase a second hand tandem brake master cylinder at 11 pm the night before grassakana. I finished with the mini at 2am and I was on my way to the event at 6am. The new cylinder still hasnt fixed the problem, nothing left but to try a single outlet master cylinder.
The seat is a Racetech 4000 manufactured by Black Motorsports here in Wellington and its bloddy awesome. It has to be one of my better puchases ever! I welded up a braket to hold the seat and bolted it to the floor following the NZ Motorsport guidelines to ensure I will be save, and so I can enter motosport events.
The fire extenguisher has also been mounted under the passengers feet.
Another great investment was the Wildcat deep dish steering wheel which fitted the bosskit I already had on the steering column. Installing this and a steering drop bracket will allow me to move the seat further back making a more comfortable driving position.

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