1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 16: Road Legal Racer
Usually the mini lives in between the piles =)
Front subframe in and all rust repaired
My DIY 9mm spiral core leads (from a V8 set)

I blew the 40 amp fuse starting the mini, so I installed a 100amp circuit breaker instead
This should give me some warning before I hit valve bounce at 4k
The leaking bits and the worn starter drive

A last minute job to attach the number plate
Time to install the 28/36 Weber
My home made 1 3/4 exhaust and straight through muffler

Moved the washer bottle and made the radiator catch tank
The Weber on!

WOW! I had some study leave so I got stuck in and finished welding all the panels in the car, etch-prime coating seams, and re-hanging the doors.
I found the easiest way to remember what needs to be done is to write it on the windows with twink!, the list got re-written with new content about three times!.
OK, when you install semi-sealed lights in replacement of sealed ones, they have a inbuilt park light, when this shorts you end up checking all the looms to find it is the bulb holder for the park light... DOLP!
Once you go for your wof, the starter wont engage as its totally worn, the gear part is cheap to replace but the tools required are hard to come by. After your wof you will change the oil and use 5 litres of penzoil. The next day one litre of it will be on the floor as the sump plug had almost nothing to thread into.. A 16mm sump plug (being steel) will thread its self into the alloy perfectly! At the same time, replace / add another selector seal as this will be pissing out oil too!.

The LCB exhaust will bang on the floor, but since this is a race car... who cares?
The 1 1/2 SU works during idle and 100% throttle, but no where in between as the needle will be soo wrong.. So fork out and get a Weber 28/36 with a good manifold from your friendly carb guru.. A friendly chap Steve from Central City Auto's is a great chap and had been denying alot of people this setup, but knowing what I intended to do he sold it to me at a GOOD price... More than I can afford this week but neverless the bank owns it! LOL.
The Weber is so awesome, it feels like a new car, the throttle response throws you back in you seat! Go the mighty 1000cc..
When you install the Weber you change the manifold gasket, to do this you take off the LCB extractors, to do this you loosen the oil breather on the pushrod cover... Remember to do it back up though, I went out for a night and left HUGE puddles of oil everywhere.. hahaha ooops...

So here we are now, with a WOF, REG and awaiting the Racetech seat, Sabelt harness and K&N assembly =).

P.S I love rear drum brakes, its been so long since Ive had a handbrake that worked! haha

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