1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 12 : Mr Smooth
Finally finished seam welding the new patches in the roof
Making it look 'smooth', and orgional LOL
The first set of bonnet pins (rear ones) as Im securing the bonnet by four

Firewall stripped and rust treated
POR15 applied to the rust treated firewall
The roof etch primed (completed in my books!)

The cold manifold and the new extractors ummmm...
New Headache, the extractors are too 'high' and break through the old cast inlet manifold

Yes its been a long time since the last update but Im here now arnt I?
Well Ive finished the roof, so its all had a new 2inch strip of metal seam welded in, new gutters and then bogged over to make it look kinda orgional. Works quite well, but I didnt make a gutter on the back..[couldnt be bothered]
I have welded on the mounts for the rearward two bonnet pins and POR15 rust treated the entire firewall, engine bay and front sub-frame!... Makes it look a bit better and Im never going to have to worry about rust again!
The 1275 has been put on hold and Im trying to fit the LCB extractors onto the 1000... I should have been able to cut the old manifold in half and use it, but I cant... So Im currently looking into dual carbs or a webber to solve the clearance problem.
Ive brought some 10mm spiral core ignition leads to make up to go to the bosch GT40T coil, but only once the engines back in and running on the standard stuff...
Im now going around treating all the seams with POR15 and removing the odd patch of rust around the seams (passengers window and drivers door), but thats not a major one..
Ive also replaced all the engine / subframe mounts and Im trying to dodgy some nothalane bushes for the major subframe bolt as the rubber ones were shot and I cant find new ones.
The engines almost ready to go in again, as Im getting ready for a grassakana on in early December.
Also you dont need a cert for a race seat and cage if you compete in at least four events a year!, sweet thats another few hundred I get to keep! Cyaz

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