1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 4: A New Inspiration
Only tack welds here holding the new gutter
Im also replacing 30mm of the roof, all the way around!
The new flares, 100% fit!

Just another angle

Well this week Ive finally finsihed the gutter and roof section (welding only) around the drivers head and Ive half completed the entire drivers side.. I might go back and seam weld the roof to ensure that it never leaks.. Im just pondering if I should POR15 under the layer of bog I need to use to smooth out the roof's edges. Hummmm....
I ordered a brand new set of flares, and boy did they cost ($180 NZ$), but I was so wrapped with them. They will solve the problem of having too wider rims with 165/7/10 tires.
I tell you, I was getting pretty anxious to sell the mini, but those flares and the possibility of a grill comming are making me want to keep it. Also Ive priced up making the exhaust, I should get it done under $200 for extractors, 1 3/4 pipe and 2 mufflers... SWEEEEETTTT AS!, I might even get a 2nd hand manifold to cut the inlet manifold from.!
Some parts are just so dammmm CHEAP!.... others arnt (Disk conversion is currently over $1000, hummm might need 12" wheels and 4pot brakes ($60 from an austin princess, but then I still need hubs....)
Also primed and installed the fuel tank and a fuel filter to do the job for the moment. THe battery is in, and installed with a fuse immedately next to the positive terminal.

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