1982 Austin Mini 1000
Week 3: Learning How To Weld
The new boot floor and battery box
Drivers foot-well repaired (not rust treated yet)
Started work on the drivers side roof sill

Showing rust on the passengers side
How far out the bonnet is
The flairs and sidestep should be here this week

Drivers side again from the rear now

After comming home and killing afew walls, I had a think about things. I contacted one of my friends who had a mig welder, who didn't use it often, and he lent it to me....
I thought, I can gas weld using oxy/acetelane mix, how hard can mig-welding be?. So I had a go and wa-la. Its damm easy!
So after a week of welding and grinding and trips into town to see Wellington Sheet Metals, I got all the metal I needed and even got sections of steel bent to form the gutters of the roof.
I have finished welding and grinding the boot floor, the battery box and the drivers foot-well. I have POR15 treated these areas also (but not the interior of the drivers foot well yet). They are now ready for priming of the interior of the boot and undersealing all the external places.
I've just begun on the huge task of re-making the edges of the roof. I'm replacing the orgional gutters as in most places the upper layer of metal was gone and in most places the first 30mm of the roof its self. The gutters are being seam welded and the roof will be tack welded for the moment.
So thanks to Guys Bodyshop for saving me heaps of money, and hopefully all this turns out well

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