1982 Austin Mini 1000
How the mini arrived, fresh off the tow rope

Day 1: Still with the vynal roof
Under closer inspection
The 10" ROH Contessa alloys (rear with spacers)

I sold this mini late 2005, to purcahse another Toyota Corolla FXGT, see my other site

This is the last of the New Zealand Assembled mini's. (August 1982). It has the later series A+ (99H) engine and an alternator verses the older generator type charginf system. It has a split braking system (front / rear), and drums all around. I believe it to be a mini city, but this is just an assumption. This is currently my club racing car, and it has come a long way from its beginning.

Engine specs: A+ 40thou oversized (to 1040cc) with a 12g295?? Head (MG 1100). LCB Headers and 1,3/4 Exhaust with a single straight through muffler. Webber 28/36 Downdraft on a very good (rare) north/south facing manifold (verses the standard e/w type) and K&N filter. 9mm spiral core leads and champion gold plugs (hottest heat setting)

Body: Alloy front subframe mounts Racetech 4000 Raceseat with Sabelt 3" 5 point harness Wilwood brake bias valve. ROH Contessa 10" mags with 165x10x70 Bridgestone tires (best I can get that are road legal)

Check out the Updates List to follow along with my restoration

[Updates List]
The list as it stands, of things Im yet to fix to at least get a WOF
  • Well all this list has been acomplished... onto the next one
The future list
  • Fit roll cage
  • Fit adjustable shocks
  • Get 7.5" disk brakes for the front
  • Fix the 1275 (will be 1330) and mate it to the A+ gearbox
[My inspiration to continue this]

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